Swedish Electric Roads
for Heavy Traffic.

Fossil fuels will be phased out regardless of if global warming, supply shortages or instable political situations will be key drivers. Our society depends on reliable and safe road transports whether goods, food or people is transported. The existing road network represents a massive societal investment, both from a monetary and an environmental perspective. Replacing the existing road network with other systems will add to the investments and will not deliver environmental gains fast enough. The main idea of this project is to improve the efficiency of the existing road network by electric roads with electric vehicles, thereby allowing long-distance heavy truck- and bus transports powered by electricity. Since electric engines are more energy efficient than internal combustion engines the environmental gain is huge and good step towards a fossil free society. The market for Swedish industry to export electric road transport systems and components is potentially very good.

The project’s ambition is to operate and manage the establishment of the world’s first demo environment for electrically operated heavy goods vehicles. There is a technology provider, there are carriers who want to try and relevant authorities are prepared. To identify the best demo, an evaluation of different transportation needs and coordination of the carriers, authorities and technology providers regarding regulatory and financing. There is a time frame now to show that Sweden is a leader in solutions for the climate and energy efficient transportation.

 In 2012, Siemens will launch a solution for the electrification of heavy, goods vehicles using overhead wiring; E-highway. The solution was developed and tested in secret and is ready for commercial operations.

 E-Highway is similar to the solution that Svenska Elvägar has been advocating for several years in order to achieve the government’s goal of ”a fossil-fuel independent transport sector 2030”. The studies and investigations Svenska Elvägar has driven, with kind financing of the Swedish Energy Agency, has resulted in a powerful network of knowledge, experience and wisdom.

 Svenska Elvägar want Sweden to become the first establish a demo environment that continuously provides heavy goods vehicles with electric energy for traction. Svenska Elvägar have the resources and expertise to identify the best demo environment and the possible savings of energy and co2-emissions, to evaluate different transportation needs and coordinate stakeholders to ensure that the Swedish laws and regulations are met and to initiate a draft for a future international standard.


On the 2nd of July Svenska Elvägar participated in Siemens breakfastseminar about their eHighway-technology which is the equivalent to the Swedish electrifying of roads. Svenska Elvägar’s CEO Anders Nordqvist talked about how the initiative around electrifying of roads started in Sweden and what is going to happen in the future, with the demonstration-stretch etc. Also a hybrid truck from Scania was displayed at the same seminar held at the annual Almedalweek in Gotland, Sweden.


Here you can see a video that visually explains the electrifying of road (just press the ‘cc’ button for subtitles) :