Zero Emissions and no fossile dependency

Quick and huge reductions of greenhouse gases and freedom from fossile fuel dependency!

Energy efficient and minimal environmental impact.

Electric motors are much more energy efficient than comparable fossil engines. Depending on the driving conditions, the efficency is 2-3 times better. This means that 2 to 3 trucks can be powered with the same amount of energy if the engine is electric.

Electrifying heavy road transports demands wayside power infrastructure. Building this infrastructure is an environmental impact itself. The environmental impact from overhead electric wiring is far smaller than from ground based electric systems or establishing alternative transports systems.

The combination of the high energy efficency of electric motors and the low environmental impact is the key factors that makes electric highways extremely efficient from an environmental perspective. The benefits will be huge and they will appear quickly.

Commercially available and standardized technology.

The Siemens eHighway concept was presented in 2012. Together with truck manufacturer Scania an electric road transport system is commercially available. The system is based on existing, non-proprietary technology ensuring a future standard as well as a competitive market.

Siemens eHighway System

The concept is verified at a test site in Germany and on a public road in Sweden. For more information please visit Siemens eHighway web site >>